Attilio Pagli Enologo

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If you ask Attilio what the main goal of his career is, he answers without any hesitation: to make good wine”. And what is a good wine?

The answer: “simple: one you enjoy”.

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am I?

I’m not a celebrity, I’m just someone who works in agriculture like everyone else; I think the winemaker is important, but he’s not the star of the vineyard. It’s the vineyard that is the boss, the thing that provides vision and continuity.

However, my eyes, my nostrils, and my palate have made me what I am, so I can recognize a great wine; but especially I have learnt to understand and respect the terroir: that is my major attribute.

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My Services

The personality of a region is unique: bringing it out is the challenge which, even after 25 years, still excites me.

My Clients

What I appreciate most in a wine producer is their honesty and their desire to constantly put themselves to the test.


A consultancy company created in 1997, together with Alberto Antonini, as a meeting  place for various wine professionals, in which their individual knowledge and experiences result in new ideas, projects and research.
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